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zSeries / iSeries / LUW services

Configuration, Administration, Support, Production Planning, Operation and Monitoring of systems.

Programming in Assembler, (BATCH, CICS, DB2, JCL, RACF) and Exits of OS, RACF, JES2, JES3, CICS, DB2, VTAM, TCP / IP, ROSCOE.
Programming in language COBOL, C, C # and C ++.

Networks and Communications (SNA Architecture) - Network

SNA Transport

VTAM (sub-area architecture); Network Interface - OSA Express Type OSE - SNA Protocol; HP / TUXEDO VIA LU62 servers with CICS; Balcony networks connected via PU TYPE 2; SNA applications connected to the network via SNA.

SNA over IP transport

VTAM with Enterprise extender / APPN architecture; HPR protocol (SNA traffic over IP (UDP)); SNA applications linked with HPR protocol; Branch networks connected via EE SNA / IP.

Troubleshooting and Administration

Security, Voice, Wireles, SAN and DataCenter