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Capacity Planning


Detailed analysis of partition consumption and respective capacity configurations, with indicators of opportunities for optimizing consumption and greater processing capacity.

MQ Series

Allows independent, potentially non-competing applications in a distributed system to communicate with each other. MQ is available on a large number of IBM and non-IBM platforms, including z/OS, OS/400, Transaction Processing Facility, UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris), HP NonStop, OpenVMS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.


From the Capacity Planning for CICS analysis, reports are designed to provide a routine health check of your CICS system, in addition to providing detailed reports, which allow the investigation of anomalies, performance and continued consumption of transactions, control over the impact resulting from maintenance, corrective and evolutionary code for transactional applications.


Analysis of Batch processing, identifying points of consumption and loss of performance. It enables the implementation of purge processes, reengineering and a more efficient and economical use of available capacities.

Convert COBOL HOGAN programs to conventional COBOL programs

The project consists of analyzing Cobol Programs written with Hogan activities and functions, and then converting them to conventional Cobol Program structures. Using automatic processes, the conversion is done by reading the JCL, where the objects to be converted are identified, namely Programs, Subprograms, Copybooks and Dclgen.

Migrate Scheduler

The project only aims to migrate other SCHEDULER to IBM’s SCHEDULER and the z/OS mainframe Integrated Web Services (IWS). A careful analysis of the techniques used in the SCHEDULER to be migrated is carried out, in which all existing obsolete objects are identified, reducing the volume of objects to be migrated, and the greater or lesser interdependence between the processes in production of the IBM Mainframe z/ Systems. OS and LUW Open Systems.

Data Lineage

To execute the project, the origin of the data, what changes it has undergone, and where it moves over time are analyzed in Cobol Programs. Data Lineage provides visibility and simplifies tracking the error source and root cause.

Cloud Computing

Mobile Application

Monitoring (Zabbix, Tivoli, Nagios and others)

Custom-developed project for Monitoring the infrastructure of Networks, Servers, Clouds, Applications, Web Services, Storage, Virtual Machines, Java Applications, Databases, KPI/SLA Monitoring, Telephony, Security, e-mail as well as monitoring Zabbix, Tivoli , Nagios and others, which when being,

  • Integrated with SCOM,
    Allows you to monitor the DB2 environment on multiple platforms; open with agent-managed, zSeries and iSeries with agent-less, through a set of rules that allow incidents to be anticipated, providing greater robustness, better quality and solidity to the environment.

Automatically detects problems in the flow of incoming metrics. Without the need to continually track incoming metrics.

Collect metrics from any device, system, application.

The Native Web interface provides several ways to present an overview of your IT environment.