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Process Mining

Process Mining is the difference between what is real and what is thought.
It is an analytical discipline that discovers, monitors and improves processes, as they really are and not as we think they are.
It is not necessary to carry out analysis with based on sampling or proposing any type of data extrapolation to obtain indicators about the processes: process mining extracts knowledge directly from event logs, readily available in today's information systems.
Absolutely factual, shows the process journeys how they are being executed in that information system, by that team, in that exact period of time.
Shows the reality as it effectively is.
Demonstrates the “times & amp; movements ”(in their true sense), the organization's workflows, bottlenecks, dead times and all other anomalies that may actually be happening.
Allows for quick visualization (and understanding) of the organization's performance and its teams, the paths they are taking to obtain the results and, consequently, the verification of what is the happy path and the possibility of reaching it quickly.
It allows decision makers to profit from the data that are already within their companies, but that are being underutilized.