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About us

Our History

Having had IBM as a target customer, in 2004 Vantis started a partnership with IBM Portuguesa, SA, in the area of ​​the IBM PartnerWorld for Development of IBM Products.

Initially based in the municipality of Sintra, the growth in activity requires the change of facilities in 2008 to a well-known nucleus of companies in Tagus Space, municipality of Oeiras.

With strong partnerships and support from IT solution manufacturers of unquestionable interest in Total CPD Management, in 2008 Vantis opens an office in Brazil and in 2009 signs a contract with Telefónica S / A, a Spanish Telecommunications company based in Madrid, which operates in Brazil through Telesp – Telecomunicações de São Paulo.

As a result of this contract, in 2010 Vantis starts its activity and opens an office in Spain.

In 2017 a new change of facilities, now to the heart of the largest innovation ecosystem , science, creativity and technology in the country, “OEIRAS VALLEY”, at Taguspark – Science and Technology Park, in Oeiras, where today it continues to develop its activity with the same objective of always being a reference in the market.


Mission, vision and values

Ethics and trust in all contacts, seeking a solid relationship .

Ambição , proactive stance in the search for the best solutions and new partners.

Innovation , aware of the risks involved, to grow sustainably and be at the forefront of knowledge.

Employees , the human quality and the high technical qualification of the professionals who cooperate with us, allowed us to quickly become a reference.

Expansion in the global market with a focus on offering specialized consultancy.

Consolidation of the activity, always attentive to the evolution and needs of the market, positioning itself for the emerging challenges and opportunities.

Diversification of activities in the various areas related to Information and Communication Technologies.