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Server Network Monitoring


Integrate with the System Center Operations Manager – SCOM, a set of rules and PowerShell Scripts to monitor the DB2 environment, simplify the daily work of DB2 Administrators, and consequently ensure greater availability of systems.

Anticipate problems by allowing them to be solved before they become critical.
Configure DASHBOARDS with specific views according to the business (facility available for SCOM 2012 or higher).
Customize specific rules for the business.
Monitor the performance of the DB2 environment.
Monitor DB2 on multiple platforms (LUW with agent-managed, iSeries and zSeries with agent-less).
Apply a set of powershell-scripts that streamline the daily lives of professionals working with DB2.

Disaster Recovery

Maxava HA

Ensure that in the event of a DR, the recovery of vital systems is immediate and does not impact business continuity.

Real-time replication with unlimited simultaneous application processes and constant data verification to ensure that your data is consistent across both the primary and backup servers.

BI • Business Intelligence


Offer support for intelligent decision making, through a data capture process.
Information is acquired from any system and made available in a database.
The data can be viewed through reports and DASHBOARDS.

Constant monitoring and alerts of Batch production processing flow.
Advance notice (alerts) of any deviation from the actual processing flow in relation to planning or any predefined cut, so that the user can act before the delay can result in loss or negative result.
Overview of all processes to be monitored, through the creation of high-level objects, so that the user can summarize in a few control units the monitoring of all critical or essential services.

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Vantis - Tira dos Subtitulos
Server Network Monitoring


Develop the measure of the customer a process of monitoring the infrastructure in Networks, Servers, Clouds, Applications, Web Services, Storage, Virtual Machines, Java Applications, Databases, KPI / SLA Monitoring, Telephony, Security, e-mail.

Monitor and provide metrics of status, utilization, performance and Capacity Planning of the IT infrastructure. Complete use of the SCOM DataWareHouse based on the data collected.

Server Network Monitoring

Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM

Monitor the Network of Servers and hypervisors (virtual machine monitor) of multiplatform operating systems.
From a single interface, it provides information on the status, integrity and performance of computer systems.
With alerts generated according to availability, performance, identified configuration.

Give managers the power to accelerate and improve decision making.
Increase operational efficiency.
Identify potential new revenue opportunities.
Identify market trends.
Report genuine KPIs.
Identify new business opportunities.
Identify cost reduction opportunities.

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On-demand Computing Service (ODC), supporting companies to overcome the barrier of outsourcing ICT services with confidence, guaranteeing a set of benefits for the business.

iSeries Administration, Support and Operation

Operational systems: OS/400; Security: Internal operating system and LDAP; Network: TCP/IP;  Database: IBM-DB2.


Vantis - Tira dos Subtitulos


Conducting training actions in the scope of Information and Communication Technologies following a programmatic content or measure allied to the trend of the world is, each time, investing in technology and communication in order to strengthen globalization and the narrowing of the relations of international goods and services