In 2018 Vantis create an Area of Excellence for the development of systems optimization software. 

Based on the software developed in this area, Vantis gives its customers’ systems better performance with reduced application execution time, greater availability and a significant increase in the application life cycle and, consequent reduction hardware acquisition and upgrade costs.

Currently, 20 people collaborate in this area, but it is expected that, until the end of 2020, this number will be expanded. It is a multidisciplinary team composed of experienced, qualified professionals with vast technical knowledge, which allows us to anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers with a high degree of excellence.

For Vantis Software Engineers, the objective and main focus of this area is to use innovation technology to support companies to be increasingly efficient in Quality Assurance, Business Continuity and high availability of their systems.

Dead code - COBOL Source

Analyze the source code written in COBOL Language and, identify in its structure, all command lines existing in the source code, which are not processed at run time.

Improved application and system performance
Reduced maintenance time
Reduced hardware costs
Improved systems availability
Optimize application life cycle
Improved source code quality

Server Network Monitoring

Integrate with the System Center Operations Manager – SCOM, a set of rules and PowerShell Scripts to monitor the DB2 environment, simplify the daily work of DB2 Administrators, and consequently ensure greater availability of systems.

Anticipate problems by allowing them to be solved before they become critical.
Configure DASHBOARDS with specific views according to the business (facility available for SCOM 2012 or higher).
Customize specific rules for the business.
Monitor the performance of the DB2 environment.
Monitor DB2 on multiple platforms (LUW with agent-managed, iSeries and zSeries with agent-less).
Apply a set of powershell-scripts that streamline the daily lives of professionals working with DB2.

Data Lineage - COBOL Source

Identify the origins of the data and the changes that the information undergoes in its entire processing flow until the generation of the final product.

Better understand what happens to the data as it travels through different pipelines (ETL (Extract Transform Load), files, reports, databases, etc.).
Make better-informed business decisions.
Allow companies to track specific business data sources.
Allow error tracking.
Allow implementation of changes in processes.
Enable the implementation of system migrations to save significant amounts of time and resources.
Improve the efficiency of Business Intelligence or Data Science processes.

Re-start Batch Jobs

Introduce automatic adjustment processes in a structured way to fully or partially recover an error batch process and restart it.

Virtually eliminate the incidence of production errors.
Automate re-start activities.
Increase productivity in creating and maintaining JOB’s.
Minimize the risks of handling the JCL.


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