Case Studies

Grupo CGD

Sogrupo-SI/CGD’s management was looking to the market for products and a reliable partner in order to achieve a complete understanding of its development and production environments. CGD’s main objective was to be able to analyze and cross-reference components of their business applications.
Currently many internal areas within CGD are using the RES Suite graphical interface to understand objects used by business applications, including JCL, batch scheduling, application programs, and other transactional and database resources. This information is also used for impact analysis on day-today work. Also, projects are underway to deal with quality assurance and change control issues.

Carlos Piedade | Processes Manager | Grupo CGD

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Vivo | Telefônica do Brasil

Having an exact understanding of the millions of dependencies between the tens of thousands of Mainframe objects that make up our Production Processing environment would simply be impossible without a powerful and trustworthy tool such as the RES Suite from RES.

Exupério Mendonça Pimenta | Manager - Support Mainframe Division

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